Winners of My New Stencil Giveaway!!

Rules of Compostition Promo

Thank you all for the lovely comments posted on my stencil giveaway.  I’m excited to announce the winners of the drawing…

Kathy Jensen

Brenda Robson

Judy Check


If you lucky ladies can please email me your mailing address I’ll get you your stencils asap!

My new designs are now available for purchase at StencilGirlProducts.


5 thoughts on “Winners of My New Stencil Giveaway!!

  1. I have tried to find out how to contact you to no avail, so am commenting here. I have just purchased your “composition” and color wheel stencils and am trying to locate a basic book on using the golden mean/ratio in “art” – by this I mean something simple. I just play around with art journaling and composition is a challenge for me. I very much enjoyed the video on the Stencil Girl blog about your new stencils and would like to learn more: something I can use as guidance. Again, “art” is probably not what I do, so when I say simple, I mean simple. Thank you in advance for any information you provide. Joyce

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