What Would Frida Do?

Stencil Club September 2013These are my latest stencil designs and they won’t be available anywhere but Stencil Club via StencilGirl Products!! Come and check out the fun to be had at Stencil Talk, the blog all about creating awesome art using stencils!!!


13 thoughts on “What Would Frida Do?

  1. Hi Pam! Great stencils for the September StencilClub! Love them! I do have a question about one of the background pieces you collaged on your journal to start the demo. There is a lovely fern stencil and I wondered what it is and where I can get one. I love your gelli printed papers you used in this demo! Gorgeous and lots of inspiration for me! Thanks!

      1. Just wanted to let you know that I found the fern stencil at Michael’s as you had thought! Yay! I made a bunch of papers for collage and I’m having a great time. Thanks again!

  2. 9-3-13 – No Frida stencil yet at Stencil Girl Products. I must get the Frida stencil! Hopefully, I’ll get an email from them as soon as they’ve got Frida in stock. Loving all of your stencils, Pam.

    1. This stencil set was designed exclusively for Stencil Club so you have to join the club to get it, it won’t be for sale:-) Comes with a video tutorial on creating art with them too!

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