Mixed Media Adhesive Now Available!

Several have been asking when Jerry’s Artarama will have my Mixed Media Adhesive in stock and I want to get the word out-It’s in today so hurry on over!!! just click on the image below to go right to my page of products:-) My Sketching Inks will follow soon~
004 (2)

Jerry's Artarama


4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Adhesive Now Available!

  1. Congratulations Pam, I’ve tried to buy as soon as you announced but couldn’t find, I’ll try again for sure. Lots of success for you 😉

    1. Great product, I was all set to get another couple more but it is $5 more at Jerry’s than it was at interweave so unless there is a sale I will wait.

      1. Hi Marilou,
        I think you were looking at the ‘List’ price, the Jerry’s price is actually a little lower than it was at Interweave:-)

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