Where Women Create Business

So, have you picked up a copy of this yet?



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Where Women Create BUSINESS is an invaluable guide for every professional artist – from those just starting out to experienced business women. Through advice columns and in-depth feature articles, Where Women Create BUSINESS offers a multitude of knowledge and inspiration to women with a passion for success. The premiere issue is bursting with expert artisans and entrepreneurs whose extraordinary businesses speak for themselves, including Anna Griffin, Amy Butler, Vicki Brask, Kelly Rae Roberts, Rebecca Brooks, Holly Becker, and many more!

Well all I can say is what are you waiting for??? Jo Packham has done it again, providing us all with a behind the scenes look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of creating a business out of your passion.

This magazine is not only for artists, it’s for any woman wanting to take the next step. It’s visually gorgeous (would totally expect that coming from Jo) but it is more importantly packed with information and inspiration about everything from business cards, to blogging, Legal Ease, Accounting Advice, Media Matters, Working with a PR team, understanding banking, and government funding, it’s all in there.

I highly recommend this magazine, it’s one I will look forward to it’s arrival in my mailbox~


4 thoughts on “Where Women Create Business

  1. Thanks for highlighting. I just finished the current WHERE WOMEN CREATE and will pick up this new venture when I’m at the craft store later today – saw it, and it piqued my interest then, but my hands were full and my wallet was not. I look forward to diving in!

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