Finding Frida 3

I used the symbolism for flight in the form of an airplane as it’s a meaningful part of our life. I’ve been keeping a sketchbook of my drawings and then transferring them to watercolor paper to paint as well.

I actually went back to my original sketch and added the bird eyebrow so I may paint another one of this sketch later. I love to revisit and reuse my sketches multiple ways.

Try revisiting and exploring your artwork further. It’s a great way to keep in the creative process and to see your work develop more fully.


4 thoughts on “Finding Frida 3

  1. Pam – these are all just lovely! And in my world, the question that comes up is What would PAM do??? I love what you’ve done, and am working on channeling my inner Carriker this week – I’m just amazed at the depth in all the paintings – and how you “transferred” your drawing to your paper? I used the use conte crayon on the back, and then trace, but there must be something less messy! I will hopefully have something that I can share with others soon – I often have something in my head that my hands just won’t do – but I have big hopes for this one!

  2. Swoooning over all the beautiful Fridas you are creating. Do you transfer your drawings to watercolor paper by tracing or adhering a copy ?

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