Progression of a Painting

Not my usual style but I wanted to use some memorabilia from our trip to Mexico and create a piece of art for our home.


I started with a gesso prepped 16 x 20 x 2 canvas and added scraps from old journal pages (which I save when trimming loose pages) that had colors I wanted to use.


Then I added some memorabilia like an approach plate to the airport in Puerto Vallarta from my stash of old ones I save when hubby has to update his manuals, and a part of a ticket stub. I love how the words ‘Live It’ showed up on the journal page in the center. I always end up with lots of class samples that never morph into complete pages so I save them to use in projects.

Then I blocked in some colors. I wanted to have the effect of a sunset


More layers of color and a little stamped texture added


Lastly I added some stencil patterns from Mary Beth Shaw’s and my own line of Stencil Girl Stencils and some additional color glazes.

That’s it! I now look at it and remember a perfect week of relaxation and the most beautiful sunsets ever.



7 thoughts on “Progression of a Painting

  1. You are a natural at a painting collage, its kinda like your journals in a way but on a larger scale. Perfect project full of memories, colors are great too! 🙂

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