And We’re Off!

Shades of Grey and An Angel’s Anthology both opened today! Invitations to join have been sent out but there is still time to join and enjoy these classes for 6 months of working at your own pace, coming back to refresh and sharing with other artists.

Pursuing Portraits opens on February 6th and will also stay open for 6 months. This is a perfect lead up to my Brand New Artful Gathering workshop coming up this June, Still Pursuing Portraits. More information is on the Online Classes Page


11 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Pam, I’ve sent you an email, I managed to get as far as the google acct. and when I was looking for a bookmark, I wasn’t able to get back into the Shades of Grey invitation.?

  2. I am still very anxious having received an e-mail 12 hours ago saying that the invitations for the shades of grey class have been sent out and all I have received is a paypal receipt dated 10th January. Is there something else I should have done?

  3. I love the studio tour, Pam. It is just the inspiration I need to get my studio organized. Your organization tips are most helpful, and I was glad to see a studio that is not all duded up with distractions and decor that you have to maintain. Thanks for taking the time to share yourself and your studio with us. xxxooo

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