My Pen is Poised

I’ve just opened a new Etsy Shop and will be selling signed copies of my book from there! You can pre order yours by clicking on the above image. The books will come with a large postcard print of a piece of art from the book that makes a great (big) bookmark and the book will be signed on my signature color that appears on the inside cover- a totally awesome little surprise! Books will ship around the end of January before they are available in bookstores. Please be sure to ‘heart’ my new shop as I will be adding artwork over the next several weeks.


9 thoughts on “My Pen is Poised

  1. Pam – I went to the Etsy shop but it shows that they are all sold – is that true??? I had preordered on Amazon but found that I could cancel that order and wanted to have the signed copy now – but looks like Etsy is sold out??? Please let me know if more signed copies will be available? Thanks so much@

  2. I wish I knew you would sell autographed copies before I had my husband pre-order one on Amazon for a holiday gift. Oh well . . . . I still cannot wait for my copy.

  3. Shoot – I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. I would much rather have an autographed copy…but thought I might get it quicker from them. I’m not anxious, am I!!!

  4. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon awhile ago. I’m looking forward to it. Congratulations, Pam, on all your success!!!! Very well deserving! Happy Holiday to you and yours! xxoo Marilyn

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