Pages in Print

I haven’t had prints made in quite awhile and I’ve decided to offer limited edition, signed, numbered 8×10 prints (paper is 8×10 and with a 1/4″ border for framing) of the images below! If you are interested in purchasing them send me an email at with the print name(s) you would like and I will send you a paypal invoice for your purchase. These are limited  (I’m only ordering 10 of each image for the first run) and first come will be first served. There will only be 50 total prints of each image in this edition.

The cost for each print is $12.00 which includes shipping and handling for anywhere in the US. If you are outside the US add an additional $5.00 per order (multiple prints will be shipped together).

I will ship all orders at the end of next week


Prints are professionally rendered on Kodak Archival Paper: Kodak Supra Endura Silver Halide Professional Photographic Paper to print Photographic Prints. Kodak Supra Endura photographic paper has an extraordinary color gamut and state-of-the art image stability. Note: I do not print these off of my own printer, I have them printed professionally in a matte finish.


One thought on “Pages in Print

  1. I just saw some of your work. Now I have found that ican purchase it. But looks like I could be late. Can you let me know if you have more prints for purchase or a date of when I might be able to purchase? Thanks

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