Art News

I’m a ‘cover girl’! It’s a total thrill to see my art on the cover of Art Journaling.

Somerset Studio’s With One Stamp


12 thoughts on “Art News

  1. Pam!
    I love your style, your art is very inspiring to me. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I purchased this issued because of the cover and devoured the article as soon as i could. May i ask you a question? parts of your journal page (cover) look creamy and translucent, almost as if they were covered with wax, such as the text “with wings all is possible”. would you mind sharing how did you accomplish that look? thank you for your time : D

    1. Hi Carmen,
      It’s actually just Golden Fluid acrylic paint in Titan Buff and white, mixed with a little acrylic glazing medium, satin, also a Golden product. By adding the glazing medium you can achieve a translucent look to the paint:-)

  2. OMGoodness – just finished reading and re-reading my copy. Your artwork and article were both so inspiring to me!! Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing with those of us who need a little more incentive and motivation. Just lovely!

  3. Just received by copy in the mail and can’t wait until the end of the day to jump right in….. you must be so proud of yourself!!!

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