In Full Swing!

Things are hoping in our household as I’m sure they are in yours!

Thanksgiving was wonderful, with both of my older boys home and a houseFULL of family for dinner.

After a non-stop weekend ending with the decorating of the house for Christmas, I’m finally back into Book mode.

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season!


13 thoughts on “In Full Swing!

  1. We had a whirlwind Thanksgiving followed by decorating too, glad you had a great time too. From your art inspiration I finally got over my insecurity about painting faces and made my first attempt in my art journal and am really happy with her. Thanks for the inspiration to be brave!Bright Blessings, Suzanna

  2. Beautiful Pam and Im so glad you had such a great time with family. You mention about those following your book progress…I thought to myself Id follow you and your art anywhere if I could….you know what I mean. As always hugs and support from afar. smiles Michelle

  3. Here it is December!! Amazing..Christmas is soon upon us. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and glad you did too! Your book is looking fabulous!! Our household is in full swing too1!HugsSueAnn

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