Modigliani’s Muse

I was visiting blogs trying to catch up and was lead to another Modigliani lover. I just love the graceful lines of his portraits. Some are much more modern looking than I usually like, but the fluid lines always make me stop and take a closer look.

I guess that is what art does, it makes one stop and take a closer look. What type of art makes this happen for each of us individually can be completely different. That is what’s so wonderful about art, there is something for everyone.

This is a little journal page I did last night. I cannot even begin to tell you how lovely it was to start out a bit stressed from the day and finish 20 minutes later in a totally different frame of mind. A simple sketch, some paint and a pencil. The best therapy for stress there is in my book.


8 thoughts on “Modigliani’s Muse

  1. Pam Im loving you girls of late ..they seem to be healthy, strong not anorexic pale and weak. Real Diva Goddess's. I enjoy the way your art work seems to evolve and gain Loveliness just when I think they cannot become any lovelier..Im enjoying your journey in Art as I move in my own journey. smiles Michelle

  2. she's beautiful and filled with a calmness I am sure you felt after your time spent creating her…..just lovely as always 🙂

  3. As usual, beautiful work.I keep a sketch book & pencil by the bed. It's nice to just sketch a bit or jot down thoughts before I turn the light out. It is relaxing. The fun thing is to look at the sketch the next night because I find my perception can be very distorted when I'm tired & so the drawing can be awful. But the purpose was to unwind & that was accomplished.

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