Another Journal Page to Share

I am so loving this journal. I started this last night and finished it first thing this morning, before breakfast but not before coffee-lol! Nothing ever before coffee. I love the large size of this journal too. It feels good. I love working so ‘loosely’. These crayons allow you to do such quick portraits and the black lends a unique feel to the pages. I’m thinking this one will find it’s way to canvas. I just love the quote.


14 thoughts on “Another Journal Page to Share

  1. Love it Pam! Every time you talk about your water soluble crayons makes me want to take the plunge and buy that huge set!! LOL

  2. i’m loving your black journal too! i said it before and i’ll say it again..the work is just incredible. there is something so ethereal about it on the black paper.

  3. Hi Pam This is beautiful , i must say i do really like this black page as a canvas , very cool .Hugs Lorraine xx

  4. This journal is taking your art into another wonderful dimension, Pam. Love the quote and the rendering. Striking and beautiful. Hugs, Terri xoxo

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