Day 14~Green

I loved working on this page today. I had to squeeze it in amongst everything else, little snippets of art time. Green is such a lovely color though, and I even incorporated a little leaf into the page. I just kept layering until I like it. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.


6 thoughts on “Day 14~Green

  1. this is amazingly beautiful.I like that you used some other color, but the green is greener because of it. So many wonderful layers here.

  2. Your journal pages are amazing Pam. I am finally ready to start on my pages from class today, hope I can do as well as you someday 🙂

  3. i love the green soulful … beautiful inviting soulsearching ~ thanks to you ~giggle~ my husband got “caught” with a packet of baby wipes in his briefcase in a lawyers meeting yesterday … giggle … ” Pam said to use babywipes” …grin …♥ milliande

  4. this is such a beautiful page…so much to gaze at…with such lovely green tones and stunning eyes…and i love that you put a leaf in it too…the greens you have chosen are so soothing…

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