January Journaling Day 1

I joined Misty Mawn’s January Journaling Challenge. A page every day for 31 days.


9 thoughts on “January Journaling Day 1

  1. I love this page, course I love coffee!!!! Did you do all of it with pitt pens?? I will have to make better use of mine.Blessings!Oh, I was at Borders yesterday and got THE Journal magazine. Of course I pre-ordered it, but it has not come so now I will have two!!!! :)Could not wait!!! Your pages and helpful hints are super. P.S. I will give one magazine away! 🙂

  2. BLAH! the laundry. I like this Coffee journal page. Love the coffee cup too. Im starting on my Diary with Kitty Kellie ..Title is Attitude and its all about my Alter Ego FunkySiren. should be a wild one lol Have a great week Pam ..class opening soon yahoo!

  3. I have joined in with the Art Journal Challenge for January too …its been a great motivation 🙂 And I am looking forward to participating in your journal workshop … I love the way you express yourself in your paintings with such beauty and emotion♥ milliandehttp://www.milliande.typepad.com

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