Friends Give Us Wings To Soar!

Wow! I am so blown away by the response to my giveaway, you all are so awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I have traveled to many new blogs and been so inspired by all of you. It is amazing to see what everyone is doing and the lives you all are touching.

This is my latest piece, I am working on several smaller sized canvases, that would make lovely gifts for the Christmas season. I will be adding two more to my etsy shop this week. I know Christmas will be here before we know it. This time of the year always goes by so fast.

13 thoughts on “Friends Give Us Wings To Soar!

  1. Sweetie, this is so beautiful…every time I see a new painting of yours I think, “I have a new favorite.” What very special art you create….

  2. Thanks Pam!….WOw you must be up late?…where you are…is your latest work done digitally as well as painted?…I love the way the hair blends into the background.

  3. Oh I love the colours Pam and the way their heads are together…don’t you sometimes just feel like you are inside a friend’s head when you think alike?!

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