Sale in My Etsy Shop!

Morning everyone! I have never done a SALE before, but I am getting close to the 100 sales point in my etsy shop, and I would really like to hit it before the end of May, so here is what I posted on ZNE and I’m extending the invite to you all:-)

Hi fellow zne friends! I am having a first ever sale in my etsy shop from the 15-20th of May. My goal is to reach that magical 100 sales by the end of the month, so I am offering a BOGO (buy one, get one) on all of my Limited Edition Art Prints, and a FREE print of your choice, with any purchase of mixed media piece of artwork. If you purchase a mixed media portrait, receive a FREE print and NO SHIPPING charges!!! Just pay as normal through pay pal, and I will immediately issue a refund for the free item/items.


One thought on “Sale in My Etsy Shop!

  1. I just purchased two of your prints. The adjustment hasn’t been made yet for the BOGO, so do I wait to send the paypal pmt until it is adjusted or do I just pay the full price and then it will be adjusted later? -Shonna

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