April Showers ZNE Design Team Swap

Wow! That’s all I can say to adequately describe all of the wonderful treats my fellow ZNE DT members shared in our April Showers Swap. Queen Chel, our fearless leader, came up with the idea, and each of the members sent in 16 goodies to share with the others. Then Chel packaged everything up and shipped them out to all of us. What fun to get this in the mail! As people started receiving their treats, they posted comments and I was anxiously laying in wait for the mail lady for three days, before she finally delivered my box. I am posting a picture of all of the pretties laid out, and this next one is of what I decided to do for the time being. I have a neat little bag I made in a workshop with a fellow Prickley Pear Stamp Design Team member, with a French theme to it. Since a few of the goodies were also French themed, I decided it would be fun to put them all in the bag. It was so fun opening it, that I want to savor the “present” aspect for a bit. I have it sitting on my desk in my studio, it is, after all, a loooooooog time until Christmas! I have met some truly wonderful people through ZNE, and I would encourage you to take a look if you haven’t already done so. I also am
posting a picture of the bag in my studio. For once, my desk is clean-lol-so I can actually let you have a peek. The painting on the easel, is my art response to next weeks See It, Say It, on ZNE so check back to see it up close and personal. My final wishes with this post go to my friends Gail, who was ready to accost the mail lady for me if she didn’t deliver my box soon, and to Donna who sacrificed greatly and did not eat all of her chocolate, but waited for me to get mine. This shared sacrifice will not go unrewarded! Here is a picture of all that is left of my chocolate Donna. You gals are true friends! Thank you ZNE DESIGN TEAM MEMBERS! This was so much fun and it is an honor to create with talent like yours!


4 thoughts on “April Showers ZNE Design Team Swap

  1. Pam, I’m so glad that you had a GREAT mail day. I got the goodies you mailed me on Saturday and they are WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for your generosity. I posted a picture of them on my blog with all my ravings. You really made my week! {{{HUGS}}}Diane

  2. Pam, the honor is all mine! Your “chocolate remains” photo looks like mine, too! I love the photos of your bag of goodies, I may do that too, there’s something about having gifts sitting about in their “present” condition, like the gifts under the Christmas tree in their special boxes til New Year’s. Sigh….more wonderful memories. And I LOVE your photo of your studio…..wow….very pretty, I am inspired. Can’t wait to see your art on Saturday! Thanks! Donnaa/k/a bonniebluedenim

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