My Etsy Store

Yeah! I finally had my first sale on ETSY! I was getting a bit discouraged so I listed some of my work on Ebay and sold it, then this morning I noticed I sold something from my etsy store as well. An ebay customer who has bought from me in the past! Maybe I will finally get going on etsy…


5 thoughts on “My Etsy Store

  1. Love your design team ATC! TRES Cool! Congrats on your Etsy sale. You know in summer, things can really slow down as far as sales. I’m hoping things pick up in the Fall!hugs – Lennea

  2. Hey, I have a piece of your art!! I found your blog through shabbycottagestudios blog…I’m new to blogging and not sure yet how to get back here…But I love my Bath Art Card!! Thank You!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement gals! It was great, I am just used to the ebay format and things move pretty quickly there. Thanks for checking my blog and leaving comments:-)Pam

  4. Congratulations on your first sale. It’s pretty fun isn’t it? I am enjoying Etsy. I’m glad I found it. I especially like its “atmosphere”. You do great work. I’m sure this is the first of MANY sales! – Teresa

  5. Congratulations on your Etsy sale Pam! I’m sure you were doing the happy dance! It’s a really nice feeling isn’t it!

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